This Fan Theory Somehow Makes The Hobbit Trilogy Better

It is no secret that The Hobbit trilogy was less than satisfying, but it is still a little hard for everyone to accept. The original Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the best trilogies of all time, but somehow Peter Jackson managed to really nose dive for the prequels based on arguably the best book in the series. 

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Right you are, Mr. Bean.

However, a fan theory that recently showed up on Reddit may help ease the pain and explain why what should have been one movie got stretched into three sprawling CGI piles of s***. The theory comes courtesy of user Quesionbdp, and it actually makes a little bit of sense.



So basically, because Bilbo likes to exaggerate a bit and the movies are essentially him retelling what happened, the whole thing is like a Hobbit version of a grandpa fishing story. Though this is probably not at all in line with the artistic vision behind the films, it does help ease the pain a little bit. So, thanks for that Reddit. 

Post by Ryan Scott 

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