This Dude Dug Up His Dead Father So He Could Have An Argument With Him


You may have been mad before, but have you ever been so mad that you decided to go dig up your dead father and have an argument with him kind of mad? Because that’s what this guy did. 

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I know right???

According to WAVE 3 News, Michael May, a 44-year-old Kentucky man was arrested for attempting to dig up his dead fathers remains at a cemetery. Unsurprisingly, May was very drunk when he was caught. What’s worse is that his dad died in 1983. He told police that he wanted to have an argument with his father, but about what is still a mystery. 

“I see the truth. [My father] needs to be on the ground. Not under it. If the truth doesn’t come out and nobody sees the truth, yeah I’ll do it again,” May said.

Seriously, What the f***?

Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 

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