The Fantastic Four Director Just Talked S*** About His Own Movie


So, somehow Fox has apparently learned very little from failing miserably at trying to get a successful Fantastic Four franchise off the ground for decades now, because reviews for the latest reboot have been astonishingly bad. 

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Pixels has a higher rating than this?!

Well, Josh Trank, the films director, decided to take to Twitter in order to try and pass of a chunk of the blame off on the studio instead of trying to handle the situation with some quiet grace. Though his Tweet was quickly deleted, it couldn’t be scrubbed away from the bowels of the Internet. 


Based on how bad the reviews have been, it is hard to believe that a poor edit is solely to blame, but Trank seems convinced that his vision was wrecked by the studio. The important thing here is to realize that people are basically saying the new FF is worse than this…

Post by Ryan Scott 

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