Ever Wonder How The Guardians Of The Galaxy Understand Each Other?

Somehow or another, it has been a year since Guardians of the Galaxy came out and blew all of us away. Not only that, it somehow made a sentient tree and a talking raccoon household names. But, did you ever wonder how the hell they are able to understand one another? 

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Because James Gunn is awesome and is really active with his fans on Twitter, he decided to answer that burning question for us. He’s not making it up either. Check out this still of Star Lord from the film. 


You’ll notice that off to the left it says “Translator Implant In Neck.” Not that anyone would have noticed that while watching the movie for the first time, but it is pretty cool that the filmmakers paid that kind of attention to detail. Ooga Chaka! 

Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 




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