This Dude Found The Most Rare Gaming Console Ever


That bizarre looking machine featured in the photo above is one of the rarest things in all of gaming. That is an actual prototype of the Nintendo Playstation Superdisc. For those that don’t know, at one point in the early 90’s Sony was developing a disc based console for Nintendo, and this was it. 

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The actual console is so rare in fact that most people had to just speculate about what the thing even really looked like. Take the picture above, for example. However, this lucky guy happened to find this never before seen version of the console in a box of his stuff because as it turns out, his father used to be pals with a Sony Executive. Sadly, the power cable for the console is missing though he is looking for it. Be sure to watch the video below. 

Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 

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