Suicide Squad Proves Will Smith Should Be In Every Movie


By now everyone has seen the Suicide Squad trailer multiple times. If not, you probably haven’t understood half of your Facebook feed for the past couple of weeks. In any case, it gave us our first glimpse of Will Smith as Deadshot, and he got the lions share of cool trailer lines (even if Joker got the best overall). 

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He also got to be the guy that said the name of the movie in the trailer, which made us all want Will Smith the movie star back in our lives. That got Reddit user Fooshbeard thinking though, and he came up with a pretty brilliant idea. Will Smith should be in every movie and be the guy that says the title out loud. Naturally, people loved the idea. 


Oh wait, there’s more. 


Thanks again, Reddit. Are you listening Hollywood? 

Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 


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