Some Dudes Just Fixed All Of Beer Pongs Problems Forever


Beer Pong is now synonymous with parties much like hot dogs are associated with baseball. It is just the natural order of things. However, the game does have its problems. Like for instance it can get super gross. 

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Seriously. How has someone not figured out a way to keep the beer not gross and full of hair? Oh, wait! Some dude’s on Kickstarter totally have! Say hello to the Slip Cup. 


How someone hasn’t thought of this before is beyond me, but basically it is a set of cups that will fit pretty much any 16 to 18 oz drinking cup. The idea is that the ball will land in that cup, leaving the beer below clean and drinkable.



The guys have nearly hit their $70 thousand goal on Kickstarter and are hoping that the Slip Cup will retail for $3-$5. I think I speak for us all when I say….

Post by Ryan Scott 

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