Japan Now Has A Hotel Operated By Robots


Japan is home to a lot of innovation, even if a lot of that innovation is weird and/or creepy. Well, they have just outdone themselves again by opening the Henn-na Hotel, a hotel that is operated by a staff of mostly robots. 

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Upon entrance to the hotel, this weird little furry guy will entertain you and can even print out photos on the spot, like a creepy Pokemon/Polaroid. 

This is the hotels concierge who is on hand to answer an questions you may have. As you will notice, it is also a robot. 

Don’t be fooled. Even though that desk clerk looks like a person, it is in fact a robot that helps you upon check in. 

Oh and if you speak English, you get to speak to this dinosaur robot, because why the f*** not? 

Also, forget about the image of the bell hop in the red suit. This little droid looking cart robot carries your bags to your room for you. 

You can’t even get away from the robots in your room, because this little Hello Kitty looking robot is there to handle things you want done by voice command. The future is now! 

Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 

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