Fallout: The Frontier Mod For New Vegas Looks Amazing


Fallout 4 is on the way, but it can’t possibly get here soon enough. At this point, everyone has played through New Vegas to the point where there is literally nothing left to do. That is until the  Fallout: The Frontier mod comes out. 

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Oh, you didn’t hear? Somebody is making an insane mega huge mod for New Vegas that appears to be massive and awesome. The story for the mod is as follows. 

Mr. House may have saved New Vegas from being destroyed, however The Frontier wasn’t so lucky. What was once a majestic and a buzzing city, is now reduced to a shadow of its former glory. It slowly became a city of ice shrouded in mysteries. Rumors of these mysteries have traveled far and wide from the few who managed to escape the icy ruins.

With the NCR and the Legion locked in a bloody stalemate, the possible means to end this war once and for all has intrigued both sides. Now the NCR and the Legion are vying for control of the Frontier.

Be sure to watch the amazing trailer for Fallout: The Frontier below. 

Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 

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