This Crazy Jurassic World Fan Theory Actually Makes A Little Sense


Being that Jurassic World is finally out and that it apparently made every bit of disposable income in the country this weekend, we have had some time to digest it and compare it to the originals. With that has come a pretty insane theory that sort of works. 

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A Reddit user actually came up with this theory just before the film was released and it has to do with the annoying kid from the first film that Sam Neil’s character scares the s*** out of. You remember. 

The theory takes that annoying kid and turns him into one of the stars of the new film. Though it is probably not true, it is interesting. 


So basically because the kid learned to respect raptors at a young age, he grew up to not only respect them, but to be able to train them. Also, the kid would have had to go from chubby to hunky, just like Chris Pratt did. So really this theory just works all the way around. 



Yep. That logic checks out. Ponder that for a while, won’t you? 

Post by Ryan Scott

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 

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