That Time Siskel And Ebert Said Jurassic Park Kind Of Sucked…


Those handsome gentleman were the two most famous film critics ever, Joel Siskel and Roger Ebert. The pair had a show for years that the public turned to in a pre-Internet age in order to figure out what movie to go eat Milk Duds in. Like all critics, they might have missed the mark a couple of times. Like when they reviewed Jurassic Park in 1993.

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Yes, even though Siskel and Ebert both gave a thumbs up to the movie, they kind of tore it a new a** hole in a lot of ways that the general public would probably consider to be dead wrong.

“This movie is a missed opportunity. What he doesn’t have here, and what I really missed by Spielberg from a movie like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, is the sense of awe, the sense of majesty. These creatures are back and its amazing. Right away, after an opening shot that has a little of that, the movie disintegrates, basically, into a monster movie where the dinosaurs are chasing everybody and the people are running away and there’s lots of action and lots of screaming,” said Ebert

Let it be known that Ebert did love Jeff Goldbloom, though, because who could resist Ian Malcolm?


With Jurassic World coming out soon, nostalgia for Jurassic Park is at an all time high, and the fact that anyone could have said anything bad about it at all is nothing shy of gross. Honestly, most of us probably would give JP a simple two word review that would read something like…


If it makes you feel any better, Ebert absolutely hated The Lost World and absolutely loved Jurassic Park III, which he called the greatest blockbuster of that summer. So his barometer for dinosaur movies seemed to be a little bit off in general. Sadly, we won’t get to hear his take on Jurassic World, but we’ll all have to manage to enjoy it on our own terms.

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