Apparently It Is Possible To Play Guitar During Brain Surgery


The man pictured there is Anthony Kulkamp Dias, 33, and the reason he has a big bandage on his head is because he is one of the bravest and coolest guys around right now. Dias recently went thought a nine hour brain surgery in Brazil to remover a tumor. Unfortunately, he had to be awake for the surgery.

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That is Dias during the surgery and oh yeah, did we mention that he was playing guitar and serenading the doctors during the course of his operation? Because he absolutely was, and it was pretty incredible. Most of the time during these procedures, the doctors will just communicate verbally with their patients, but Dias decided he would rather play guitar, being that he used to be a professional musician.

That is a video that the doctors uploaded to the Internet of Dias playing during the surgery, which naturally exploded online because of amazing. Dias was diagnosed only 15 days after the birth of his son but luckily for him, most of the tumor was removed during the surgery and everything seems to be going well.


Dias says that he hopes his video can be an inspiration for others. Good on you, Dias!

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