19 Of The Most Unappetizing Burgers In The World

The Southern Comfort Stuffed Burger


Made with deep-fried bacon mac and cheese cooked inside an Angus burger and topped with a special sauce.


The Douche Burger





Originally intended as a joke, this $666 burger contains a Kobe patty stuffed with foie gras and wrapped in gold leaf with caviar, lobster and truffles piled on top. It’s then laid with Gruyere that has been melted with Champagne steam and BBQ sauce made with the most expensive coffee in the world.


The Pigeon and Worm Burger



Rentokill, a pest control company in the UK, opened a pop-up restaurant in London which served a sweet chili pigeon burger, garnished with cheddar cheese- infused meal worms.


The Bogan Burger


Fitzroy’s Pub in Australia sells a burger with with an entire steak, a chicken schnitzel, a potato cake, bacon, egg, melted cheese, onion, pineapple and beetroot for $15.50


The Hot Fudge Sunday Burger


Available at McGuire’s Irish Pub in Florida, the burger consists of Black Angus beef with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.


The Stem Cell Burger



Scientist Mark Post is creating the world’s first “ethical burger” by turning stem cells into meat. When the process is completed, the meat will be available for just £220,000!


Burger-Flavored Ice Cream


Sorbitum ices’ barbecue burger-flavored ice cream created for National Burger Day in the UK. Strawberry sauce subbed for tomato ketchup and candied bacon was available in lieu of sprinkles.


Habanero Cheeseburger


Carlsbad Tavern in Scottsdale, AZ lays claim to America’s hottest burger with 2 ounces of habanero peppers!


A Burger King Burger With 1,000 Slices of Cheese



No, just no.


The Lasagna Burger



The Lasagne Burger, available at Dude Foods, is an extremely meaty lasagna sandwiched inside a roll.


Nintendo 1 Up Mushroom Burger


This one’s actually a recipe you can try at home, and it taste much better than it looks….


Wimpy’s Braille Burger


Wimpy’s limited-edition braille burgers spelled out the message “100% Pure Beef Burger Made For You” in braille on the bun. It might not seem unappetizing at first, but just think of everybody rubbing their fingers all over your burger… ewww….


Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburgers




Made of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, bacon, and burger patties, and available at Mulligan’s in Georgia.


Kuro Diamond Burger



Burger King used bamboo charcoal and mixed the meat with scores of black pepper to create this burger available in Japan.


The Aka Burger


Also available at Burger King in Japan, the Aka burger, which means “red burger” in Japanese,  is served with red cheese, red tomatoes, and red spice sauce made with chili peppers and chili paste.


The Deep-Fried Gravy Burger



Made of chicken gravy, breaded in seasoned flour and deep-fried.





This Nutburger from Matt’s Place in Butte, Montana is made with chopped peanuts mixed with mayo.


Cheeseburger In A Can


There is no way a Cheeseburger in a can is a good idea.


The Quadruple Bypass Burger


The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas has created a successful business out of the idea that their burgers are so unhealthy, you’ll need a triple bypass after consuming them. This particular monstrosity has 9,982 calories and consists of four half-pound beef patties, twenty strips of bacon, eight slices of American cheese, a whole tomato and half an onion served in a bun coated with lard.


You should be reluctant to try any of these…



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