10 Really Cool Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

Furniture Tester 


Yep. Furniture manufacturers will actually pay certain lucky lazy people to lounge, chill and enjoy their furniture in order to test the quality and comfort. The only catch is that testers may have to try out more than 200 pieces of furniture a day. 

Chief Listening Officer 


Basically, companies will pay you to sit around on Facebook and Twitter to see how many times people mention their name, which they use for market research purposes. The important thing is, you get to goof around on Twitter all day. 

Ice Cream Tester



This is exactly what it sounds like. Companies pay a few lucky people to eat their new flavors of ice cream. Oh sorry, “test” their new flavors of ice cream, in order to see how delicious or not delicious they are. 

Food Stylist 


Foodies rejoice, there is a job for you. You know how when you see a burger in a TV add and you’re like “holy s*** that looks amazing!” Well, that is thanks to someone called a food stylist, who makes every little bit of that food look good. 

Professional Napper 


“Make money while you sleep” applies to this absurd, but real, profession. A professional napper works in medical research facilities, where scientists study their brain wave patterns and behaviors while they slumber. So yes, you can make money for napping. Take that, dad! 

Disneyland Face Character 


Everyone loves Disneyland and one of the reasons is that all of the characters run around the park cheering people up. Well, that is a job that you can actually get because I hate to break it to you, but Goofy isn’t real. It’s a guy in a suit, and it could be you! 

Private Island Caretaker 


If spending the day basking in the sun and escaping from the garbage aspects of everyday life sound like the perfect job description, then becoming a private island caretaker may be right up your alley. Seriously, who’s alley isn’t that up? The owners of private islands hire these “professionals” to watch after their islands and promote them, because they naturally want everyone to know that they have an island.  

Professional Snuggler 


Similar to a prostitute, but a little less dirty and lot more legal, professional snugglers offer their services, typically hugs and cuddles, for a fee. And yes, there are people crazy enough to pay pretty good money for that sort of thing. 

Waterslide Tester 


Resorts and theme park owners hire these people who managed to get the best job ever to test the safety, speed, and landing of their water slides. But the main point is that these people get paid to visit resorts and use waterslides. Why don’t these guys show up to career day at college?!

Professional Shopper 


Basically, businesses or individuals will hire people who are good at shopping and have something called “good taste” to do their shopping for them. Now, people can even do this online so they don’t even have to get off the couch to make money by helping people shop. 

Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 


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