What Do You Mean These Games Won’t Be At E3?!


E3 is right around the corner and it is without question the gamergasm of the year. However, for all of the excitement and cool things that will be seen, there are some very annoying omissions from this years expo. Here are a few notable ones.

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Final Fantasy XV – Unfortunately, fans won’t be getting much, if anything on the highly anticipated next installment of the Final Fantasy franchise.


God of War – Sony has stated that this game is in VERY early stages, so at best we may get some unofficial test footage, but more than likely it will be a whole lot of nothing.


Legend of Zelda – Every time a Zelda game is on the way, it gets gamers crazy excited. Sadly, even after a year of teasing, we are still seemingly no closer to seeing Link back at it.


Sega – There is no specific game that won’t be at E3 for Sega, rather, the entire brand will be absent from the expo this year. Lame.


Valve – Gamers adore this company, but even though we are all impatiently await Half Life 3 and Portal 3, we won’t get a bone thrown our way at E3.


Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 

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