This Poor Girl Had A Crappy 16th Birthday Party, Literally

poop party

Everyone has has a bad birthday, but have you ever had a “shit was raining from the sky” kind of birthday? Because a poor, unsuspecting 16 year old girl in Levittown, PA recently had that unfortunate experience. That isn’t a metaphor by the way, that literally happened.

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40 some odd people were enjoying a sweet 16 birthday party when something started raining from the sky, and it just so happened to be a bunch of poop. Everyone at the party reportedly scrambled for cover, and fortunately that was a canopy, that is now ruined. You know, because of poop.


But where did the poop come from? Is poop going to start regularly raining from the skies because we have angered the gods? No. As it turns out, the likely culprit was a commercial airliner that for some reason decided to dump their poop cargo over a residential area. The FAA is looking into it.

Post by Ryan Scott

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure

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