Retailers Are Now Selling Frilly Bras And Panties Specifically For Men

Men, have you ever wanted to look as sexy in lingerie as your wife? Probably not. But just in case you have the desire to look feminine and feel sexy a lingerie company for men is out there. makes lingerie, panties, g-strings and even bras for men.

Maybe this is a result of women taking on more male dominated society roles, or maybe a couple is looking to get kinky in the bedroom, but the fact of the matter is there are men now wearing frilly bras and panties.

The designs aren’t typical lingerie for women, but are designed specifically for a man, but with a “girly” flare. Check it out below.

wife-husband-matching-bras womens-under-wear-for-men pink-and-frilly-man-panties-2 lingerie-for-men-2 panties-for-men pink-and-frilly-man-panties man-panties-2 mens-lingerie man-bra

Personally, I think someone owes this man a royalty fee, because this isn’t a new idea.



If your’e in the market for some man panties you can purchase them at Homme Mystere or Rakuten Market

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