Missing Scientist Found After 30 Years Living In A Drug Lab


That handsome and welcoming looking elderly gentleman pictured above is Dr. Winston Corrigan, and he has been missing for 30 years. That is until this week when he was found living in a drug lab that was hidden in the basement of the home that he used to reside in. (Say WHAT?!?!)

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A Couple from Cottage Grove, Minnesota had thought a man broke into their home because they could hear him yelling in their basement. However, when the sheriff’s showed up, they couldn’t find him. It turns out that behind a big metal cabinet, there was an entry way to a drug lab that had been there for quite some time, and that is where Corrigan had been hiding for more than 20 years.

“He had clearly been living down there for a long time and had suffered severe psychological trauma.. probably from not socializing with anyone for a while…or from ingesting a lot of the drugs…  I don’t know if he had been living down there since the 80’s but I wouldn’t doubt it” EMT  Landon Choler said. 

As one might expect, he had suffered a good deal of psychological trauma. The cops uncovered more than half a million dollars worth of stolen equipment from the university that Corrigan used to work at.  He is currently at a hospital under observation.

Post by Ryan Scott 

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