Have You Ever Taken A Joke So Far You Bought A Billboard? This Guy Did


Everyone has inside jokes with friends. That’s just a thing people do. And sometimes those jokes go a bit too far, that is just the nature of it. However, taking things a bit too far may have just hit a new bench mark thanks to 23 year old musician Curt Oren. He recently put up this billboard in Iowa to further a joke between him and his friends. That is true dedication. But how did he get to the billboard? Let’s explain.

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As you can see, Curt at one point decided that it would be funny to get a hat made that simply said “Curt’s New Hat,” channeling his inner Judah Friedlander. This fit his somewhat odd sense of style, and apparently he and his buddies found it quite humorous. It didn’t stop there.


Curt then decided to make a shirt that said “Do you know about my hat?” to endure that not a single person, who otherwise might have just been staring at his chest, could possibly miss out on his ridiculous hat. This is where it gets more crazy.



As you can see, Curt then decided to adopt the persona of “New Hat” entirely, changing his name on Facebook to it.



Oh, and of course he couldn’t do all of that without getting a custom license plate to go with it. After all of that though, that is when Curt decided to really out do himself and put up the billboard. The website link on the billboard is totally legitimate and has generated enough traffic to crash it several times.

It wasn’t all for nothing though. The website features a PayPal donate button, stating that “A vast majority of the donations will go to fund the Curt Oren Memorial Institute for Comedic Safety, a division of Public Space One, an Iowa City non-profit arts organization. The remainder of the donations will go towards Curt’s rehabilitation and prevention of future relapses.”


Hats off to you, Curt. Well played

Post by Ryan ScottĀ 

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