35 Brutally Honest Evaluations Students Have Given Their Teachers


2. “He may look like Gandhi but he grades like Hitler.”

3. “He is very oddly shaped and flails his arms about to try and depict 3D shapes.”

4. “You could bounce a quarter off his ass.”


6. “She’s a pint-sized lump of sarcasm.”

7. “Drinks two bottles of Snapple per class. Thirst is his only weakness.”

8. “I’d rather have a root canal without anesthetic than sit through another one of her classes. Also, she should wear more makeup.”


10. “She keeps talkin’ bout how proud she is of her kids, like stfu I don’t care.”

11. “Uses articles from the 90s and doesn’t check homework.”

12 .”I’m still trying to regain my sanity and my testicles, which both mysteriously disappeared around the fifth week of the quarter. She literally spits poison and breathes fire.”


14. “Prof talks too much about his dog. He also told me I’m not fit for business management and should look into beekeeping instead.”

15. He “likes to wear his pants erotically tight.”

16. He “delivers eloquent speeches with the verbosity of Shakespeare and the politics of Dwight Schrute.”

17. “Don’t be fooled by the hotness. Her tests are literally Hitler.”


19. “I never wear my seatbelt on the way to class because I hope I die before I get there.”

20. “This crazy Son of a Bitch is awesome. He could have an entire lecture of dog crap and I’d show up.”

21. “The best thing about this course was when the Teaching Assistant took over for a week.”

22. “Non-aerodynamically shaped aerospace instructor who talks WAY too much about Aggie football. Oozes sarcasm but hey at least English is his native language (although with an atrocious Texas accent).”


24. “If you are in a situation where you absolutely have to take her class, transfer to another university.”

25. “Dr. C will destroy you like an academic ninja.”

26. “Hell’s gotten a lot less strict since she left…”


28. “Mouth of a sailor, brain of a god.”

29. “If you wish to fail, and lose brain cells, by all means enroll in one of her courses.”

30. “A good lay. Doesn’t give extra credit though.”


32. “Professor _______ once fought a dragon, that dragon did not survive.”

33. “Talks about cats too much and doesn’t grade papers early because he was having a good time with his grown up friends.”

34. “If I hear one more thing about zombies I will f*cking lose it.”

35. “His Students are Poland and he is Germany.”

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