31 Hilarious Things That Can’t Be Unseen

 This symbol that will make you sad from now on.

This octopus.

This Tumblr revelation.

This realistion from Jimmy Fallon.

This forehead wrinkle and Jabba the Hutt.

And this one.

How terrifying the Teletubbies look in black and white.

The Teletubbies look horrifying in black and white!


What this outfit looks like.

Hint: what does her neckline in that outfit look like?

This legitimate reason why sex isn't cool in 2015.

This man with the tiny arms and legs.

Is that a bowtie or a tiny body?

Kevin from The Office looks like a seal.


The MLB logo looks like a bird with arms.


The Pokemon trees look like angry men flexing.

The trees in Pokemon look like angry flexing bodybuilders.

Selena Gomez has children trapped in her knees.


America turned sideways looks like a duck.

South America sideways looks like a duck.

This banana that is the next Doctor.


The nipple clamps on this building.

The nipple clamps on this building.


Sinks have W-iFi.

The bear in the Toblerone logo.

There is a bear in the Toblorone logo!

And finally, this fundamental truth.

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