31 Class Clowns That Are Actually The Teachers

 This teacher who has a humerus solution for forgetting to bring your pen to class:

This teacher who knows how to deter students from forgetting to bring a pen:

 This teacher who knows his music history:

This music teacher who just needs some peace and quiet:
 This teacher who knows how to bargain:
This teacher who should transfer to the economics department:

This teacher who can go toe-to-toe with a doodler:

This hall monitor who can offer a little perspective to the youngins:

 This teacher who has a student busted:

 This observant teacher:

This teacher who just shut down texters everywhere:

This teacher who isn't afraid to call out a Satanist:

This teacher who knows to give credit where credit is due:

This history teacher who knows there's always time for a lesson:

This physics teacher who knows how to throw a curveball on a test:

This science teacher who knows how to keep it real:

This teacher who will never have a kid fall asleep in class again:

This English teacher who knows how to take a year book photo:

And these biology teachers:

And this history teacher:

This substitute teacher who knows how to drop a pun:

This teacher who's been around Middle Earth once or twice:

This physics teacher who knows what the kids are into:

These faculty members who know how to return a confiscated iPhone:

This teacher who gives the best weekend homework:

This math teacher who understands the meaning of holiday cheer:

This language arts teacher who knows a parent when she sees one:

This teacher who values his office hours:

This teacher who keeps her students focused during exams:

This teacher who is hip to the fresh beats:

This teacher who will never see this spelling mistake from this student ever again:

And this math teacher who has a passion for learning:

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