28 Texts From Parents Who Are Learning

They're learning new technology:

They're becoming more independent:

They're becoming masters of comedy:

They're coming up with groundbreaking solutions:

They're scheming like never before:

They're giving back to the little people:

They're becoming masters of disguise:

They're learning slang:

They're learning new languages:

They're asserting themselves:

They're coming up with new forms of birth control:

They're using pictures:

They're learning how to beat the system:

They're taking risks:

They're giving great advice:

They're learning the lyrics:

They're coming up with good ideas:

They're getting others to do their dirty work:

They're asking the hard questions:

They're breaking the boundaries of the internet:

They're lightly fried:

They're becoming more confident:

They're asking for sensitive information:

They're becoming sassier:

They're making their own choices, no matter the consequences:

They're giving out life-changing advice:

And, finally, they're learning the true purpose of being a parent:

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