Predator: Dark Ages Is The Predator Movie We Deserve

Iron Man 3 director Shane Black is currently working on a Predators sequel that we all know little to nothing about at the moment. However, one fan and short filmmaker took it upon himself to make a short Predator fan film that we now all want to see.

The Trailer for Predator: Dark Ages is a little over 100 seconds of pure badassness courtesy of James Bushe and the concept is pretty smart. Basically we see a group of Templar Knights in the dark ages having to deal with a group of predators that are trying to pick them off in the way they are known to do.

There is no word yet on when the full short film will be out, but it is currently in post production. Be on the look out and make sure to watch the trailer.

Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 

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