How Many Post-It Notes Does It Take To Brighten Up An Office?

Exactly 8,024 in this case! 31-year-old designer Ben Brucker, of an eBay Enterprise-owned commerce design agency called The Shop in San Francisco, decided the walls of his office were a bit too lackluster. He set out to design some mock-ups of the super hero theme he decided on and calculated how many of each color of Post-it notes that he would need. Each piece is 34 Post-its high. And it took over 12 hours and 12 colleagues to finish the job. The results are fantastic!

So the 31-year-old decided he wanted to transform the walls of his workplace, an eBay Enterprise-owned commerce design agency called The Shop in San Francisco.
Office décor is often pretty lackluster, and designer Ben Brucker's office was no different.
Brucker posted about his project to Reddit on Wednesday, describing his walls "drab."
He thought paint would be too time-consuming of a fix, so he settled on Post-it notes — 8,024 Post-it notes, to be exact.
Over a weekend, Brucker and some of his colleagues got to work systematically covering the walls in two-foot sections.
Everyone was welcome to pitch in.
The end result was amazing.
Brucker called the reaction he got Monday morning "overwhelmingly positive." Other offices in the company have even told him they'd take on their own art projects.
"I think it’s important to not hate your work environment," Brucker said. "And if you have an opportunity to change it, you should. It should reflect the personality of the people who work there every day."

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