George Lucas Hates His Rich Neighbors So Much He Is Paying For Low Income Housing To Be Built By Them



George Lucas, the genius who brought us Star Wars is striking back against his neighbors. He wanted to build his own film studio on his ranch, but was shut down by his neighbors who didn’t want the eye sore in the Marin County neighborhood. The film studio idea was shot down by neighbors almost three years ago, but apparently the anger has boiled up inside of Lucas since then.

To the point that he decided to get back at neighbors by building affordable housing units on his property for 224 low-income families. Because the best way to get back at rich people is to surround them with poor people.

His lawyer Gary Giacomini toldĀ CBS, “we’ve got enough millionaires here. What we need is some houses for regular working people.”

Lucas’s representatives assured the media that this is not an act of revenge for the blocked film studio.

George Lucas builds affordable housing

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