Don’t Say Nintendo Or A Bunch Of These Other Banned Words In GTA V


Grand Theft Auto V a year later is still one of the most fun things that has ever happened in the history of things. It was amusing enough when you were able to do it in the comfort of your own home, but with the advent of GTA Online, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure not to say Nintendo. This is not a joke, even though it sounds like one.

Recently, a pretty long list of words that you are not allowed to say on GTA V has been making the rounds. A lot of the words are potentially offensive and have a good reason for being on said list. Others are less sensible, like Nintendo. You can see the full list below, but be warned, some of the worlds are very racist and/or offensive.

Post by Ryan ScottĀ 

Twitter: @Radio_AdventureĀ 


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