24 Foods That Are Staring Back At You

Could you really eat something that looks like it’s fearing your consumption?

this pie can't even look at what's about to happen

this thing has 2 faces

why you wanna cut me up

you've betrayed hot cocoa

angry noodle

apple grew old but now it knows its time has come

carrot holding on for dear life

chocolate bar doesn't like your face

cookie doesn't understand what it did wrong

crying bread


horrified peppers

oreo melting from the horror

please don't crack me open

please dont eat me

sad banana

sad spaghetti-o

screaming pepper

swiss cheese is sad

terrified eggs

this drink thinks you've had enough to drink

this one is escaping

this pickle just realized

although it knows whats about to happen, this onion can has a last evil smile knowing youll cry as you cut him open

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