23 Genius And Maybe A Little Cruel Parenting Tips

If they’re young enough, you can make them feel involved without actually involving them at all.

This genius parent who knew how to get their kids involved without getting them involved at all.

Instead of taking candy from a baby, pretend to give it to them to get them to eat their vegitables.

23 People Who Are Either The Best Or The Worst Parents In The World

Build your kids an epic snowman.

These parents who were asked for help with building a snowman.

Use bubble wrap to catch your kids sneaking out of bed.


Or even better, a pseudo laser grid.


Fill up a glove with beans when you can’t find a comfortable way to comfort your child.

This parent who made a bean-filled glove because they were too tired to comfort their kid.

Make it really hard for your kid to find you during a game of “Hide N Seek.”

This parent who took hide and seek to a frightening new level.

Use forensics to get your kids to fess up to the crime.

This genius who knew who to get the kids to spill the beans.

Don’t let your kid skip out on their daily exercise.

This Mum who knew exactly how to deal with laziness.

Start training them from an early age.

This parent who starting training their kids from a very early age.

Use “The Elf on the Shelf” to discipline them.

This parent who used "The Elf on the Shelf" to discipline their kids.

Make sure they won’t steal again.


Honor the naughty list.

This parent who honoured the naughty list.

Make sure you catch their attention.

This mother who knew exactly how to get their kids' attention.

Keep the troublemakers on a leash.

These parents who made their kids face stark realities.

Tell them daddy’s feet can phone Santa Clause.

This Mum that told their kids they could speak to Santa through their Daddy's feet.

If they stay still long enough, they make a great table.

This Dad who knew how much babies like to hold things.

Show them how ridiculous they look.

This father who knew that setting an example is the best way to teach a lesson.

Get the tooth fairy to convince them to clean their room.

This parent who got the Tooth Fairy to to their dirty work.

Show them how much you love them.

These parents who wanted to know their daughter was a product of love, so much love.

Teach them that you can’t always win at an early age.

This parent who wanted to teach their kid about loss early.

Subtly ask them to start paying rent.

This dad who learnt the subtle art of asking for rent.

Betray their trust.

23 People Who Are Either The Best Or The Worst Parents In The World

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