19 Facebook Status Updates That Only Single People Would Post

When you finally make the perfect amount of food for one person:

When you take up a new hobby:

When you give up on the whole thing:

When you realize how expensive it is to live alone:

When your friends invite you to tag along:

When you consider a large a personal pizza:

When you drop a subtle hint to your crush:

When you finally take the plunge:

When your Tinder date looks nothing like their profile:

When you accomplish something impressive:

When you're feeling optimistic:

Or when you're feeling pessimistic:

When you deserve an award for your dry spell:

When you just can't take it anymore:

When you can't scroll through your timeline without seeing a couple picture:

When someone says they've been "single forever" and forever is actually just two weeks:

When you have big Saturday night plans:

When your mom won't stop harassing you every time you're tagged in a picture with a potential match:

When you find "the one":

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