14 Moments From “Rugrats” That Were Just Too Real

Sometimes Rugrats may have gone a little bit too far…

When Pops came home from hangin' out with his buddies:

When Stu went through a subtle mental breakdown.
When they made this joke:
When Chuckie was a little too ~real~.
When Tommy's bare butt was laid out for all to see.
When Grandpa Lou rented some movies.
And when this happened.
When Nickelodeon were single-handedly responsible for an entire generation's fear of geese.
This is the reason we are all afraid of geese!
When Tommy reached for these:
When they tried Pearl Harbor joke:
When Tommy found a solution... in his pants.
When the grown-up Rugrat version of Chuckie dropped some really heavy logic:
When this happened:
And when even the presenter of the show got a little bit... intense:

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