20 Teachers That You Could Actually Learn From

Teachers Come To School In Pajamas To Protest Finals Being Held At 7 In The Morning

This teacher comes to school in his pajamas to protest finals being held at 7am.


Best Homework Ever

I too am now curious about the shampoo thing…


Math Teacher Finishes His Student's Doodle

Math teacher finishes his student’s doodle.


Teacher Skates To His Classes Everyday


Teacher Draws Stunning Chalkboard Drawings To Inspire His StudentsTeacher Draws Stunning Chalkboard Drawings To Inspire His Students


Math Teacher Got Tired Of Kids Not Returning Her Pencils

Teacher’s solution to the kids always stealing her pencils.

Three Teachers Always Come Up With Something New For Their Yearbook PicturesThree Teachers Always Come Up With Something New For Their Yearbook Pictures


History Teacher In His Yearbook Photo

Obviously he’s a history teacher.


Chemistry Teacher Has A Sense Of Humor


Student Falls Asleep In Class, So Teacher Takes A Photo With Him


Art Teacher Makes Monster Statues With His Students And Places Them In Random Areas In Montana

Teacher makes monster statues with his students, then places them in random places in Montana.


Teacher Wears Same Clothes In School Pictures For 40 Years

Teacher wears the same outfit every year for 30 years.


During Their Break, Students Discover What Their Teacher Is Drinking


Teacher Finds Abandoned Kittens Near School - This Is How She Teaches Her Class

The teacher found some abandoned kittens near the school grounds.


Physics Teacher Explains What Liquids Are



Principal Thinks Of A Genius Fundraiser - 1 Dollar For A Piece Of Tape

Teacher came up with a genius fundraiser: $1 for a piece of tape.


English Teacher Put This On The Clock During Finals


Science Teacher Hung This In His Classroom


Awesome Teacher Playing With Fire


This Science Teacher Teaches In The Crappy Room With A Blackboard So He Can Do His Chalk Drawings


Teacher drew that, with chalk!

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