The 35 Most Strangely Satisfying Images On The Internet

There’s nothing quite like straight lines and perfect fits.

1. This fit so snug, there wasn’t even room for excess air

2. This winning game of tetris-tots

3. This line of clouds that ends with surgical precision

4. This flawless February

5. This spherical snowball

6. This platonic form of a lotion dab

7. This perfect picnic packing

8. This color-coded app collection

9. The way this Hershey’s Kiss fits into an iPhone case

10. This magnificent tower of pancakes

11. This apple-holder, that’s sometimes used for cups

12. This beautiful break

13. This faucet-equivalent of “nothing but net”

14. This ring-around-the… nickel

15. This kitten-caddy

16. This ideal tool for the job

17. This snow-capped bench

18. This counter-clockwise color-coded gummy bear arrangement

19. This lickless lid

20. This brilliant 23 box arrangement

21. This coat hanger display

22. This bookshelf that bends in order to keep everything straight

23. This patio python

24. This stellar shirt display

25. This excellent egg-shaped scoop of peanut butter

26. These masterfully manicured trees

27. This cereal box docking station

28. This wrapping wizardry

29. This elegant car-to-car junction

30. This fuel fill up (until you realize this person paid $4 a gallon)

31. These four-corner felines

32. This corner that, despite its best efforts, will be cleaned

33. This drink display

34. This pack-and-ship pro

35. This epic montage of things fitting perfectly into places

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