It’s Official. Fart In A Jar Is The Worst Kickstarter Project Ever.




Kickstarter has had some odd things get funding, but farts from around the world has to be the worst one yet. If you have ever wanted to sniff the sweet inner gasses of humans from places like Fiji, Tonga, Egypt or Ecuador, you time has finally come.

Fart in a Jar hasn’t hit it’s $10,000 goal yet, but one brave soul had put in $14. The company allows for you to choose from 80 nations to receive farts from. For as little as $9 you can get in on this and own your own fart.

The project was started by Roy Stanton, who is a veteran in the video game industry and also loves to spend his time oil painting, listening to music, doing martial arts and smelling farts.

Each fart comes with a note detailing it’s country of origin and is sealed with the jar. The page does noteĀ “that exact fart odor and consistency may vary, even between farts from the same region, as dietary fluctuations exist within most countries.” But if you hurry now and back with a pledge of $500 you can receive up to 80 farts.

How the farts are collected is not known, as Stanton was not available for fart collecting questions.

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