Australia Is Bringing Back Gladiator Death Fights. Because…Australia Is Awesome.



Australian company Unified Weapons Master is making the world a better place. And by making the world a better place, I mean giving people actual battle weapons and letting them fight to the death like gladiators did in Rome.

The company is working on a certain type of armor called Lorica.  “The armor itself is made out of a sort of sandwich of high-performance materials.” said CEO David Pysden. “On the outside there’s some impact- and penetrative-resistant materials such as carbon fiber, and beneath that there’s a bunch of polycarbonate material and elastomeric foam, which is impact absorbent.” The armor would allow two combatants to fight each other with actual weapons just like gladiators used.

“Our objective,” he says, “is to promote a new global combat sport with weapons. So the unified in Unified Weapons Master is about bringing all the different weapons arts from all around the world together in a single competition. There’s roughly 300 distinct martial arts practiced around the world, and of those styles, 96 of them are either entirely weapons-based, or have a significant amount of weapons-based training in their curriculum. What we want to do is bring all of those styles together in a competition, much like UFC did with mixed martial arts.”

While everything isn’t in place yet to start taking the sport mainstream, Unified Weapons hopes to hold competitions early next year.

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