38 Family Photos That Will Make Your Family Look Normal

That look in their dog's eyes...

That moment they realize babies never take a break from doing this

Most babies learn to fly by 6 months, but this kid's still getting the hang of it

It looks like she won


There's no hiding how they really feel

If only they could read their letters

No matter what you do, you aren't going to wake him up

What they don't realize is he's about to zap them

Nice hands, Dad

My eyes hurt and I can't find Junior


She's always watching you

Taking the infant's diaper off is always a terrible idea

Who says you can't marry a TV?

You wouldn't think a family photo could go wrong in a family of one, but you would be wrong

Attacked from both sides


The background really ties all the personalities together

There's too much happening here to do anything other than stand back and admire it

At least one of them is having fun

This is how they get him to smile for the camera

Rule number one of family photos: Every tattoo must be clearly visible

Apparently the dress code only applied to the ladies

Baby is crying on behalf of Mom's contorted ankle

Some choose pajamas, other choose their matching swimsuits

Jumping together always seems like a good idea. Sadly, it never is.

Shhh... He's always there.

He was powerless against the domino effect


I want everyone to blink on the count of 3

3 smiles out of 5 actually isn't that bad

The dog has the final say in who stays in this family

Move right...right...a little more...just a little more... Perfect, now you're in the frame.

All the dog sees is water


There's some major holiday confusion here

More proof that mid-jump photo shoots don't work

This photo is actually perfect

At least the baby realized how wrong this was

The matching shirts are almost as amazing as the real star of the photo

Sick of being ignored, the dog figured out how to get the attention he so desperately wanted

Timmy was told to give a thumbs up when he wanted to be done

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