23 Forever Alone Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Single Self

A cuddle buddy that is willing to snuggle with you

A little something for “me time”

Something to practice on in hopes of someday finding someone else


A lonely love letter

A gift for the one who’s always there for you

Some cute photobooth pics of you, yourself, and you again

A homemade pizza, because pizza understands you

Cookies that remind you why you’re single

A tea party with your best friends

A trip to McDonald’s

Don’t forget to wrap your self gift

Very cupcakes

Or a full-sized cake

A cookie cake might be even better

A new phone plan

A new BFF (Banana Friend Forever)

A strong, smooth date with someone who really understands you

A bouquet of your favorite kind of flowers

A special date with your true love

A set to get you started on the road to crazy cat person

This shirt that describes your feelings about Valentine’s Day perfectly

A romantic steak dinner for one

And of course, the greatest gift that could possibly come from being single

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