20 People Who Really Need To Wear A Hat

These people are having a really bad hair day!

This guy was like, "Make my hair exactly how cartoon characters with dreads have them."

I mean I guess this is good for when your hair is too long to find your ears to put your headphones in.

This person has a pooping person on his head.

I'd call this a "comb-over" because it literally looks like a he taped a comb to his forehead.

The ultimate Chuck Norris joke is this kid's life.
I believe this to be a medieval helmet, not hair.

Watch out there's a bad Burning Man decision on your head!

If you could actually play this as a musical instrument I'd be fine with this.

Too punk rock for even a standard mo-hawk.

Flock of Seagulls and a tinge of Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka.

This guy is single handily bringing the 90's back from whatever accursed realm we banished it to.
The ultimate rat tail. At this point I'd say just find an actual rat and glue it to your head.

Is that...Michael Jackson?

This poor boy is imprisoned by puberty.

If I saw this on the back of the head of the person in front of me in line for coffee I think I'd have to reenact a Saturday Night Fever song.

Ever vigilant.

This was a dare right? If this wasn't a dare, he's gotta be hiding gills under those flaps of hair. Or something.

I would hope this was just the first step to a perfect Klingon costume.

"Angry Bird" would also be a good way to describe his girlfriend after getting this haircut.

One day nature shall reclaim this Earth. It starts upon this man's mid-life crisis.

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