19 Reminders That You Should Always Review Your Pics Before Posting Them

1. Those kangaroos look like they’re having a lot of fun.

Those kangaroos really like Paris Hilton.

2. Waiting in line for the women’s room is the best time for a photo op.

The line for the women's room was just too long.

3. Caught red handed.

Caught red handed.

4. Grandma will take your picture.

Grandma, I need some more protein!

5. And he might be a little too happy about it.

So is he.

6. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Just be glad it's the tree and not you.

7. I hope that baby is OK!

Turn around and save that baby!

8. Photoshopping busted!

Photoshopping busted!

9. Getting a little frisky behind the scenes.

Oh Robin. There are no lines blurred about this.

10. Grandpa and his bottomless pants.

Grandpa and his bottomless pants.

11. I don’t think that outfit is complete.

Jeez kid, put some pants on!

12. Do you see what she sees?Maybe get some glare resistant glasses.

13. A little helping hand.

A helping hand.

14. You know what he enjoys in his pass time.

Someone is going to get a stern talking-to.

15. Stay off crack.

Pull your pants up, kid.

16. Bad angle on the dress.

Bad angle on the dress.

17. Poop Selfie!

Poop pic!

18. It’s a baby foot.

Tricky baby foot.

19. Someone is having bowel issues.

Someone is having bowel issues.

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