These Girls Asked 36 Questions On Tinder And Got Results They Never Expected

Psychologist Arthur Aron performed an experiment in 1997 in which he put a bunch of strangers in a room and had them ask each other 36 extremely personal questions. The idea was to discover if the act of falling in love was more of an active or a passive occurrence. Two of the people in the experiment ended up getting married years later. A girl named Nikki Wiart decided to try the experiment on Tinder with her friends to see if the questions had the same effect in a digital environment… and she got some surprising results.

1. Some of the questions served as fun, easy icebreakers that also offered insight into the person’s personality.

3. Other times, they encouraged a very deep, emotional response.

8. There were even a few people who used the questions as an opportunity to be completely adorable…

11. … and others used the opportunity to remind them that, yes, they were still on Tinder.

14. Overall, the responses that the women got were pretty great, and they gave more insight to their matches’ personalities than a simple “What’s up?”


The prompt was, “Share a personal problem and ask your partner how they might handle it.”

25. But if you’re going to try this experiment for yourself, just remember that someone might know exactly what you’re up to.

See the complete results of the ladies’ experiment here!

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