The History of 13 Countries in 15 Words or Less. This Nails the U.S.

The United Kingdom

Had the largest empire ever, but lost it due to drinking too much tea.



Then things got worse...



Austria's greatest accomplishment is convincing the world that Beethoven was Austrian and Hitler was German.



We love you, England, but get out.



We were really important but now we make shoes.


The Netherlands

Looks like the sea wants to kill us again.


New Zealand

Lord of the Rings


North Korea

All is fine. No more questions. Eternal President will lead us to victory.



We had a huge empire; now everyone thinks we're Spain.



Sure, we'll take your money.



We did a bunch of shit for mankind like 10,000 years ago; now we're bankrupt.



Still ruled by a classy older lady in England because we are too distracted by the large amount of native fauna trying to kill us to declare independence.


The United States

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