Student’s Note To Parking People Shows The Difference Between American And Canadian Parking Cops Are Very Different

Canada is known for being different than the U.S. Basically the myth is that Canadians are more laid back than than Americans. Well, there is no better way to turn myth into fact than going straight after the biggest jerks in the universe. Parking patrol people. Those annoying people that give tickets if you’re 2 inches to far away from the curb. Or maybe you went 30 seconds over the parking meter.¬†Well, this Canadian parking person shows that even cops in Canada are pretty chill.

Someone from Reddit posted this note from a college student who was late for a test and couldn’t find any spots to park in. The cops reaction is pretty freakin cool.


In America, you are probably screwed on this one. Enjoy failing your final and coming out to see that a cop gave you a ticket. Not in Canada.



Let’s hope the cop gets all the good karma promised for only issuing a warning.

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