31 Times When Kids Decided Homework Didn’t Have To Be Boring

I would be too.

The literal approach.


Certainly the best ginger bread man I’ve ever seen.

They’re asking the hard hitting questions we’re all wondering.

So happy.

Technically they’re not wrong…

Poor Dad.

“Write two sentences”

This worksheet designer has had enough.



To be fair, it is a homophone

They finally broke him.

Use your fingers or copy off your friend

Seems legit

“Hello parents,

Your children do not need to do homework, they can goof off and play video games.

Mrs. Power”

At least they’re honest

I’m not sure he’s seen the Bears play this season…

Poor barnickl :(

Seriously, poor Dad!

What a role model.

Matthew just doesn’t have the time to be such a player.

They sure do.

Unicorns are magic

They’re right.

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