Horrifying Pop Culture Icons Like You’ve Never Seen Before



Artist Ben Chen is a pretty impressive creator. He has numerous pop culture images, that are both horrifying and creative. Check out a few of them below.

pinochio-wood-fire egg-lifting shredder-splinter snoopy-alien bear-mermaid mario-vs-alien hamburger-balloon robot-easter-island sushi-bar book-worm back-to-the-future-dino garfield-godfather pinnochio-pole-vault tigger-tail alice-in-wonderland peter-pan-hook suds disecting-humans play-boy-bunny-hawk scarecrow-fire iphone-lotr peach-shave tiger-warrior frog-storke darth-bird cat-chair street-fighter-birthday mario-snow-white magnet pumpkin-eats-cinderella humpty-dumpty-fix

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