The Best New Stuff On Netflix In November


Are you out of stuff to watch? Have you seen Breaking Bad in its entirety too many times to count? Do you just need to clutter up your instant queue some more? Whatever the case may be, it’s November and there is a ton of great new stuff to watch on Netflix. Here is some of the best new stuff to stream on Netflix this month.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 9


After 9 seasons, one would think a show like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia would be slowing down, but it’s just as funny as it ever was and this should make for a great binge.

The Rocketeer


Long before comic book movies dominated the Hollywood landscape Captain America director Joe Johnston adapted a lesser known comic book property, The Rocketeer into a feature film. It’s a really fun movie and also, look! He totally has a jet pack!



So, the picture above really does nothing to help you understand anything about Arachnophobia’s plot. However, it does let you know that John Goodman is in it, and he is awesome. It also features Jeff Daniels and a spider roughly the size of your nightmares. Enjoy.

Stand By Me

Stand By me

Stand By Me is a fantastic, timeless and very quotable classic film that has nearly endless re-watchability. So watch it.

 Portlandia Season 4


If you’re in need of some more comedy to binge watch, the super dry and clever humor of Portlandia season 4 should do just fine.

The Quick And The Dead


When westerns are done well, they are some of the most enjoyable cinema around. The Quick And The Dead is of this ilk. Also, don’t you wanna know if young Leonardo DiCaprio go him? Also, who is him?



The Farrelly brothers have made quite a few successful comedies over the years, but Kingpin sort of slipped under the radar back in 1996 and if you haven’t seen it, you absolutely should. Three words to convince you? Bill F****** Murray!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was directed by the legendary Frank Oz and is carried on its shoulders by Steve Martin and Michael Cain. As bold  a claim as it is, this may be Steve Martins funniest film.

TEDTalks: Debates



There really isn’t anything clever to say about TEDtalks, but they are entertaining and offer an educational counterbalance to the other mindlessness you may be cramming into your eye holes.

Adams Family Values


Adams Family Values may be one of the most underrated comedy sequels of all time. Great cast, really clever, and Wednesday Adams. Nuff said.

Coming Later This Month…


David Ayer’s Fury is a likely Oscar contender this year, but Sabotage didn’t get it’s proper shake earlier this year  so be sure to watch it Nov. 19. Speaking of Oscars, if you missed Nebraska while it was in theaters last year, it is a must watch once it hits Netflix on Nov. 8. Last but not least, the “coolest movie of the summer,” Snowpiercer will be available to stream on Nov. 22. Seriously, did you guys know Chris Evans could be something other than Captain America?

Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 

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