The 10 Most Amazing Castles In The World



There a few things that take us back in time more than castles. Most castles we think of come from movies like Lord of The Rings or are the result of some sort of elaborate Disney design. But Disney has nothing on the 10 most amazing castles in the world. Some have been kept up and look brand new, but others have been left to grow vines, plants and suffer from erosion. But I would still live in any of them in a heart beat.

1. Mont-Saint Michel, France


Located in an island commune in Normandy, France it is 247 acres in size. It has been used as a monastery as well as a strategic fortification during numerous wars. Surrounded by water and marsh this small little community is home to a population of only 44 people.

2. Cochem Castle, Germany


Just off the Moselle River lays the ruins of the Cochem Castle. In 1689 when French King Louis XIV and his troops invaded the city of Cochem the beautiful castle was destroyed in the attack. In 1868 it was purchased by Louis Ravene who rebuilt it, but not into the castle’s original form.

3. Prague Castle, Czech Republic


A more modern and well kept castle is the Prague Castle located in Prague, Czech Republic. It is the Guinness Book of Records holder for largest ancient castle in the world at 570 meters in length and 130 meters wide. The castles history dates back to 870 when construction began and is currently used as the residence and office of the Czech Republic President.

4. Bojnice Castle, Slovakia


This Romantic style castle located in Bojnice, Slovakia is one of the most visited castles in the country. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors come to see this castle and the moat that surrounds it. It has become a popular filming stage for various movies as well. It was originally built as a wooden fort with records dating back to the year 1113.

5. Castle Stalker, Scotland


Castle Stalker may not be the biggest castle on the top 10 most amazing castles in the world list, but it may be the coolest. Located off the west coast of Scotland the castle is difficult to get to. It is surrounded by vast amounts of water. Basically a moat all moats wish they could be. It is believed this isolated castle was built around 1320 by the MacDougalls. The history of this castle is filled with murder, wars and kings. Like something out of a Game of Thrones book.

6. Lichtenstein Castle, Germany


Sitting on a crag in the Echaz Valley is Lichtenstein Castle. With amazing views and an even more amazing design it’s easy to see why this castle is on the 10 most amazing castles in the world list. The castle has been there since around 1200 and has been destroyed twice for different reasons. Because of that the castle is in ruin, but has kept it’s majestic appeal for sure.

7. Chenonceau Castle, France


Everything about this castle seems like a French paradise. It stretches across the River Cher, near a small village known as Chenonceaux. The French chateau was built in 1514 and was finished in 1522 on the foundation of an old mill.

8. Peles Castle, Romania



This castle located in the Carpathian Mountains, neat Sinaia, Romania is beautiful. Built between 1873 and 1914 almost wasn’t built. The original owner hated all the plans that were brought to him until German architect Johannes Schultz finally brought what is now today Peles Castle.

9. Colomares Castle, Spain



This small castle made of stone is located in Spain. The castle was built between 1987 and 1994 and was built by Dr. Esteban Martin y Martin with the help of only two brick layers. The more modern castle features small sculptures that depict Columbus discovering America, each telling a story.

10. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany



This is something out of a fairy tale and is an obvious choice for the 10 most amazing castles in the world list. Commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat in 1869, the caslte took till 1892 to finish. The place was designed to be a place of solitude for the reclusive king, but is now open to the paying public immediately following his death.

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