Kim Jong-Un Gets Photobomed By Someone With The Humor Of A 7th Grader

Kim Jong-Un is the vicious leader of North Korea. There are already a lot of bizarre things about North Korea  like the fact the Kim Jong-Un is known to fake things to make him look good for North Koreans. Like the time North Korea won that World Cup they were never in.

After recovering from an ankle injury Kim Jong-Un decided to show how much he cared about his people by visiting a creepy little orphanage. The North Korean leader took time for some photos of the staged event. What he didn’t see among the pink tea sets and flowery wall paper were the two plush pals getting it on in the background.

Apparently some jokester decided to add their own touch to the staged room with a little photobomb opportunity.




Whoever was responsible for this is my new personal hero.

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