10 Tips For Dealing With Your Family During The Holiday



The holidays are a stressful time. Road trips in the snow, picking out the perfect Christmas gift or getting all the food ready. But there is one group of people that can make the holidays a nightmare. Your family.

You know your family means well, but putting up with all their thoughts and opinions on your life can be draining. You basically have two options during the holidays. You can be a grumpy cat or you can make the best of the situation using a few tips.

 1. Spill stuff

If you sense a conversation getting awkward or boring simply spill something. It will give a chance to go grab some paper towels or anything that allows you to leave the room. “Accidentally” spilling things can cause others to get involved with the situation. So use this one with caution.

2. Stuff your face


Feeling like telling your family how dumb they are? Don’t know what to say when your cousin says she is having another baby when she can’t control the three she has? Tired of Grandma asking why you aren’t married yet? Eat. Stuff your face with every last delicious dish lying around. That’s what this time of the year is for anyway.

3. Fall asleep


You have an excuse. It’s called the food coma. Use it. No one is going to wake you up to talk. You can sleep and sleep and sleep and avoid everyone, even if you are just faking.

4. Don’t talk about religion or politics


Grandpa is just looking for a reason to tell you his 100 reasons he hates Obama. These kinds of talks never end well. Someone will always make some sort of jerk comment that causes people to get snarky. The last thing you want is a full blown snarky family dinner.

5. Get a buddy


There is always someone in your family that you actually like. Buddy up with them. Make them your wingman for any convo. Just create some sort of signal that notifies them to come rescue you from an awkward small talk conversation with your Aunt Kathy.

6. Volunteer to get things


Some one needs a beer from the garage? You’ve got it! Going to get things is the fastest escape from a terrible conversation. The nice part about this is you can duck out of a conversation and no one will find it rude since you are going to help someone else.

7. Become great a changing the subject


Avoid a deep conversation at all costs. If they can’t pin you down into an important conversation, then they will probably give up talking to you all together. Talk about sports, then out of nowhere ask where they got that shirt.

8. Direct attention to other family members


Want to avoid anyone talking to you? Point out another family member. Did your little cousin just get new glasses? Point that out to everyone. He or she will be the center of the conversation from there. And if they aren’t skilled in getting out of conversations, then you just bought yourself a discussion free 20 minutes.

9. Keep conversations short


You say it best, when you say nothing at all. Have some key words like, “Really?” or “Interesting!” available for a conversation. This allows you to tune out basically anything. I mean how many times do you need to hear Grandpa tell the story of the time he got an apple for Christmas?

10. Drink


Drinking too much with your family is a tradition for a reason. It’s how we all tolerate each other. And the funny stories that come from Grandma getting tipsy are what keep us coming back.

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