Why You Should Go See ‘Saw’ In Theaters This Halloween


It’s getting close to Halloween and with that comes the usual amount of horror flicks getting released in time to provide movie goers with the seasonally desired pants pissing they desire. This years offerings include  Annabelle, a prequel to 2013’s utterly fantastic The Conjuring and Ouija, a movie about a Ouija board.

Annabelle has been met with “meh” reviews, but it had borderline impossibly high expectations to hit. As for Ouija, the only thing that seems surprising about the movie is that there hasn’t already been a crappy horror movie made about a Ouija board. So, what are the scare seeking masses to do this Halloween?!

Well, fortunately Lionsgate is re-releasing the original Saw in theaters this year for one week only in honor of the films 10 year anniversary. That is your answer. Go see Saw. 


No! Not that!

Horror seekers this year are essentially left with a no brainer. Saw spawned the single most successful horror movie franchise of all time and like most horror movie franchises, it never got better than the first film. Saw was totally original and is totally awesome. The movie originally did fairly well at the box office, but the odds are that many of you saw the movie in the comfort of your home after one of your cooler friends was like “Hey friend, I’ve got this movie where the guy from Lethal Weapon and the guy from Princess Bride try not to die with varying degrees of success.”

The point is, even if you’ve seen the movie before there is nothing quite like seeing it in a theater, let alone on Halloween. It is one of the greatest horror movies of all time and with the other options available this year, Saw seems really appealing. Why go see something that will at best be mediocre when you could go see something that you know is fantastic? It just makes sense. Oh, and if you haven’t seen it before then you really don’t have an excuse.

Saw will be hitting theaters again everywhere Friday, Oct. 31 and in select theaters Thurs. Oct. 30 for one week only. Check out the trailer below.

 Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 



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