Want $250 Worth Of Star Wars Comics For $15? Better Get On It!


So, if you’re not familiar with the awesomeness that is Humble Bundle, you should be. Basically they work out ridiculously awesome deals with video game developers, publishers and other such entertainment providers. Currently, they are on their last day of a deal with Dark Horse Comics who has a bundle with $250 worth of Star Wars comics that you can get for just $15.


Calm down fancy Ackbar, no it’s not! This is 100 percent legit and 100 percent awesome.

If $15 is a bit steep for you, customers can also name their price and get a slightly smaller bundle, but it’s still a crazy deal. Also, those who decide to buy can also choose who gets the money be it the publisher or to Humble Bundle. However, the deal ends soon, so get on it! You can get the deal on Humble Bundle’s website at humblebundle.com.

Post by Ryan ScottĀ 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure

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